Our Boatyard

Welcome to the boatyard section on our Hobcaw Yacht Club website.  We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some key information about the boatyard, boat ramps, boat storage and access.

Is located on deep water at the mouth of the Hobcaw Creek and on the Wando River.

Has 24/7-camera surveillance and key fob access for active member vehicles with stickers and pedestrian entry.

Have two concrete boat ramps approximately eighty (80) feet long that can launch two (2) boats simultaneously at high or low tide.

Has two concrete floating docks on the east and west side of the ramps.

Boat ramps and docks are lighted for nighttime use.

Have approximately thirteen (13) vehicles and trailer temporary parking spaces in the boatyard.

Provides twenty-two (22) dry storage slips leases to our members

Provides seasonal parking for our active day sailing sailboats on a first come first serve basis.

Provides kayak and canoe storage racks for our members.

Has four (4) complementary hose bibs located throughout to rinse your boat and flush your engine after use.

Has 24/7 dedicated boatyard restroom with key fob access.

Provides free ice for our member’s boating use.

Is home to the Hobcaw Yacht Club Sailing School.

Please report any damage or make suggestions for improvements to the boatyard chairman.

Please deposit all trash in the dumpster located in the boatyard.

Please reconnect the spray nozzles on the hose if you remove them to flush your engines so they will be available for the next member.

If you use the first concrete pad next to the boat ramps, please pull all the way up and over as not to block the boat ramps so others can still use them.

No swimming or diving from the boat ramps or docks.

Boat trailers or vehicles without trailer (including vehicles with or without Hobcaw boatyard sticker) are not to be left in boatyard unattended.

Access to the boatyard requires a key fob and all vehicles must display a Hobcaw Yacht Club Sticker.  Each family can have two (2) key fobs and vehicle stickers.  The key fobs are $20 each and the stickers are free.  Please send an email to our Club Manager to request your key fob or vehicle sticker at

Our boatyard can get very busy during the summer months and we ask everyone to use common courtesy when launching and retrieving their boats. Please help us maintain the boatyard, ramps and docks.

How to request a Boatyard Key FOB and a vehicle sticker ?

Need more information, please click on the link below :

1. Boatyard and Waterfront Rules

2. Dry Storage Slips Rental agreement and terms/ Application

3. GRASSY KNOLL AREA Day Sailing Sailboat registration agreement and terms


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