Our club offers the ability to rent facilities for events.  Following are the procedures for making reservations.

Procedure for Renting:

Click on the facilities below for information on rentals and links for reservations. 


You are confirmed once the rental invoice is paid in full (placed on your membership account), and the rental contract is signed via docusign.



The Hobcaw Yacht Club allows rental of the main club for its members and non-members who have a member sponsor. 

Please note the member must be directly hosting the event to allow member rates.

The club host Happy Hour and Supper Club on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. These dates are never available to reserve.

Hobcaw Yacht Club Rental Rates:

Member Event:

$350 w/ $200 deposit (Mon.-Thurs.); $500 w/ $200 deposit (Fri.-Sun.) 

Please email and with any rental request.

Non-member Event : 

$1,500 w/ $750 deposit (Mon.-Thurs.); $2,000 w/ $750 deposit (Fri.); $2,500 w/ $750 deposit (Sat.-Sun.)  

Clubhouse Rental Rules

The rental agreement does not include any club table clothes or decorations in the storage room. An additions fee of $150 will be placed on your member account for use and or damage associate with your event.

4 x large round 5’ tables, 8 x 8’ long rectangular tables, 4 x 3’ bar tables and 100 folding chairs are available for use. If used, they are to be returned and properly stored in storage room behind bar. The storage room should be left as you found it. An additional fee of $50 will be placed on your member account if the storage room is left in poor condition.

The maximum occupancy for the clubhouse is 200 people. All function and associated activities are to be limited to the club house interior and side patio and must conclude by 12:00 AM 

Access to the pool deck is strictly prohibited. Use of the gazebo and park is not included in the rental fee. These areas are available for use by club members at all times and may not be reserved 

Cleaning is included in the rental fee. This does not include cleanup of plates, glasses, cups, food, etc. An additional fee of $100 will be placed on your member account for any items left. 

All decorations, food, drink and trash must be removed, and trash placed in the dumpster An additional Fee of $100 will be placed on your member account for each trash bag placed beside the dumpster and not in the dumpster. 

Any furniture that is moved must be returned to its original location after the event.

No paintings, pictures, decorations are to me removed from walls

Use of the swimming pool is not included in the rental fee. Unauthorized use of the pool will result in additional fines determined by the board. 

The clubhouse is in a residential area. Audio entertainment, amplified or otherwise, is not permitted outside the club house building. 

Any additional cleaning fees needed (trash, food, decorations) and/or any damages to clubhouse or furniture will automatically be invoiced. 

Please email Club Manager for all other questions regarding rentals for non-members


Wando Room

Reservation fee of $100 is required to reserve the Wando room. THE RESERVATION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. The Wando room is available first come first serve as long as it is not reserved on the calendar. 

Any children's parties require cleaning and must pay $100 cleaning fee.

If room is not 100% clean after use, member will automatically be charged a cleaning fee of $100.

ALL members who use MUST take out ALL trash and any food brought in and place it in the Boatyard Dumpster.  

DO NOT leave any food or drink in refrigerator.

If any damages occur to room during use, member account will be charged for any and all damages.

Member is responsible for placing WANDO ROOM RESERVED sign out the day of reservation.  Reservation MUST be confirmed prior to placing any signs.

Max capacity 40.

Members in good standing with no balance only.

If damages and cleaning fees are not paid in a timely manner, action will be taken by the Board of Directors.

It is only allowed to be used for non-commercial use (non-profit) only.

    Please email to make a reservation

Rules & Cleaning

1.  Wipe down all surfaces.  Bar tops, bar tables, tables.

2.  Sweep or vaccum any dirt, food, decorations, etc.

3.  Take out ALL trash and put in dumpster at front of clubhouse.

4.  Remove ALL excess food or drink from refrigerator.

5.  Put away WANDO ROOM RESERVED signs in back of kitchen.

6.  Lock bathroom doors.

7.  Lock all interior doors and exit through kitchen.


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